Love, Liliana

Liliana Cardile is an Italian journalist living in Berkeley. She used to cover international political issues and cross-cultural topics for a well-known Italian weekly publication. She also traveled internationally, shooting TV documentaries. Liliana also worked on Italian TV as an anchorwoman. She met her husband in China where she was spending a sabbatical year learning Mandarin. Five days after their marriage, in 2008, she moved to the U.S. with him when her husband began a teaching career at UC Berkeley. In the Bay area she became officially a “spouse” and her two children were born in Berkeley. She has always been focused on making the most of this experience.

Dear Liliana,



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I was recently reminded by a friend of one important "phase" we foreigners experience right after arriving in the US: at the time I called it the "I know all about this" period.  It is a feeling that is commonly shared by international visitors and scholars.

During my childhood in Italy I had been "showered" with American pop culture in many different ways.  Americans and their traditions were all over our favorite television shows: Happy Days, Party of Five, Charlie's Angels, Chips, The Walton Family, The Incredible Hulk…I could go on for hours.

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The Potluck Spirit

The Potluck Spirit

Recently a chinese friend visited me in my my new home. We met each other during our first year at the University Village in Albany, a place most of us, foreign spouses and partners, have stayed in at the very beginning of our Berkeley experience. UVA hosts an amazing international community of students, visiting scholars, postdoc and faculty families linked to UC Berkeley, it’s  run by great staff and it’s a place where meeting new people is easy and where lots of interesting activities are constantly organized ( It’s another good resource for those who just arrived... Read More

May 13, 2013

Here you are. If, like me, your husband (or wife) was taking up a post at UC Berkeley, or at UCSF, you probably landed at San Francisco International Airport on a sunny day in October, or November, January, March or May. Every month has sunny days around here and this is the first good news for you and your family (well, your husband, wife or partner will probably spend most of the time in the lab or at work, so the weather may not matter too much to him or her).

You arranged your taxi or a convenient van service (the Bayporter) or, if you were brave, you took a BART train to get you, with all your belongings, to your final destination.... Read More